15 Selected Startups Of empoWer 2017 Cohort

1) About The Founder:

Aardra Kannan Ambili is a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Georgia. She handles technology of the product. She has published papers on applied machine learning and natural language processing in international conferences on applications of artificial intelligence. She worked as an AI research scientist at DudeGenie, an IIT- Bombay startup in Bangalore, following which she worked in Yatra in their AI team.

About The Startup:

Riot Solutions, Inc (https://www.raybaby.us/) is world’s first non-contact wellness and sleep tracker for babies that uses radar technology and gives an accuracy of 98%. They have received an investment of USD 100K from US fund SOSV Ventures, HAX- a hardware incubator for startups. They are also Johnson & Johnson’s first strategic tie up in the baby space to partner for test trials. Company has received around 1500 pre-orders within 30 days of launch and a revenue of $140K

2) About The Founder:

Meenakshi Vashist headed the World-Wide Programs for Cellular Products at Freescale Semiconductor as Director-Engineering before seeding TekUncorked. She now drives Business Modeling, Strategy, Product Road-map & Architectures, Operations, Financial Oversight, Funding at TU. 29+ Years experience of driving New Product Introduction in Market

About The Startup:

TekUncorked (www.tekuncorked.com) offers a light IoT Framework to IoT enable devices and appliances around us making them connected and smart.Deployed as DaaS (Device as a Service) and FaaS (Framework as a Service), the Tekuncorked IoT framework enables its B2B customers to rapidly build and deploy platforms for diverse use-cases like Smart Homes, Smart Rentals, Smart Maintenance, Smart Shopping, Smart Streets and Smart Manufacturing to enhance productivity, resource optimization, efficiency, customer service and data-driven decision making.

3) About The Founder:

Sivareena Sarika is an IIT Kharagpur graduate. Prior to PregBuddy, she led supply chain at Furlenco and had co-founded PR Cell of IIT KGP. She was a part of Google Launchpad Build and SheLeadsTech by Facebook.

About The Startup:

PregBuddy Technologies Private Limited ( http://pregbuddy.com) is a 1-1 smart communication platform between doctors and patients with chronic conditions so that hospitals can provide faster care and prevent revenue leakage.

4) About The Founder:

Komal Goyali is a go-getter with a vision to make a difference in this world through her business. She has more than 3 years of Management and strategy consulting experience with multinationals like Deloitte. She has previously worked in the construction of 150 public toilets in rural UP with Dalmia Bharat Foundation as part of CSR. She is a Young India Fellow 2015. She has also worked with mobility startups and in the field of urban innovation with the international Think Tank World Resources Institute.

About The Startup:

WOWLET – The Wow Toilet Experience (www.wowlet.in) wants to provide a Wow toilet experience to each and every user of the public toilet. It will provide the public with a mobile application which will tell the user real-time information about the cleanliness of a toilet before somebody chooses to use it. It also provides world-class toilet maintenance services to fill the demand-supply gap in the market. This startup addresses the problem of finding poor sanitation when on the go be it for travel on the road or even in any busy marketplace. The startup will ensure quality maintenance and provide you with real-time information about its condition to the public through an app.

5) About The Founder:

Neha Bagoria is a social entrepreneur with a vision to alleviate issues like climate change and environmental burden. Prior to this, she worked as a software consultant for 4 years. For 2 years she did research and development on waterless urinal technology. Till now she has innovated three patent technology versions of waterless urinal; EcoTrapIn, EcoTrapInPlus and EcoTraplnXtra. Passion to conserve potable water and resolve sanitation issue led her to the invention of an indigenous innovative green technology product, EcoTrapIn waterless urinal. Her experience primarily has been into technology innovation, product development, sales and marketing.

About The Startup:

Tapu Sustainable Solutions (www.Tapu.Co.In) are into sustainable green solutions to help alleviate issues like climate change and environmental burden. EcoTrapIn- waterless urinal product which conserves 1,67,900 liters of potable water per urinal per year, is our finest innovation in water conservation. EcoTrapIn technology is a retrofit design converting conventional urinal into touch-free, odorless and hygienic ergonomic waterless urinal which is utmost preferred by men. The product development is based on, research and analysis of user preference data that is collected at various stages of pilot. EcoTrapInPlus and EcoTrapInXtra is our current versions of waterless urinal technology.

6) About The Founder:

Vishakha Singh is a pan Indian Actor & Film Producer with over 9 years of experience in the entertainment sector. She has been a CoProducer with Anurag Kashyap films on ‘Peddlers’ *ing Nimrat Kaur and ‘HaraamKhor’ *ing Nawazuddin Siddique , both of which were selected and screened at the Cannes Critics week at the Cannes Film Festival. Her last film in 2016 as an independent Producer, Onaatah, won a National Award.

About The Startup:

ICONICbot (www.iconic.wtf) is India’s 1st MultiLingual Artificial Intelligent driven chatbot connecting Influencers and their fans on relevant messaging platforms. They currently leverage the Messenger space by using engaging conversational strategies to retain users and offers multiple monetization opportunities to both the Influencers as well as the fans. The company has on-boarded 6 reputed Film celebrities/2 major Film production houses with a cumulative Facebook following of 20 Million users. BOT available in key languages: English, Tamil and has crossed 76,000 fans & processed 2.6MN messages within 6 months.

7) About The Founder:

Shruthi Gilla is a risk taker, loves traveling alone, enjoys movies and music and a pet lover. Shruthi has done Masters in Computer Applications. Has 10+ years experience in IT consulting and Product development. Previously worked with Deloitte.

About The Startup:

Revol Inc. (http://www.gocashew.com) Cashew is world’s first Smart Wallet with fingerprint authentication and Bluetooth connectivity. Cashew Smart Wallet is Revol Inc.’s flagship product. Revol Inc. is a technology startup registered in Delaware, USA. By the end of the year, they are on a target to sell 10,000 units globally generating $1,000,000 in revenue

8) About The Founder:

Niyati Agarwal is a Nit Allahabad, graduate with over 3 years of startup exposure. Experienced in the space of social media marketing and enterprise SaaS. Has been an early employee of a now $2B company. Leads platform features at Morph.ai.

About The Startup:

Morph.ai (https://morph.ai) is an enterprise ChatBot suite that helps businesses engage in personalized marketing and sales.We are B2B SaaS platform where businesses can create, manage and evolve chatbots for increasing awareness, improving lead quality and driving more sales. They have introduced a concept of ‘chatbot as a landing page’ to boost the lead generation for businesses by up to 500%. They have clients like Manchester City Football Club, YesBank, Yamaha, Estee Lauder etc.

9) About The Founder:

Chandni Rajendran is a design innovator from IDC, IIT Bombay. She won Young Innovator Award from Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fanavis (Zee 24 Taas).

About The Startup:

Tactopus (http://tactopus.com) is developing an interactive ed-tech device for blind children to learn with tangible objects. Tactopus makes it possible for blind children to learn independently with a tactile material. We make interactive tactile books for blind children, using which they can listen to audio labels and explanations while feeling/reading tactile shapes with their fingers, thereby addressing barriers to education and opportunities for blind children. They have received $4500 from a government grant.

10) About The Founder:

Priya Randolph is a technologist of 15 years with deep expertise in Data Intelligence and large Enterprise systems architecture. She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified Latin dancer.

About The Startup:

Bitgram Technologies pvt. Ltd(www.bitgram.in) is a customer trust SuperIdentity™ protocol that uses Blockchain and Machine Learning intelligence to make instant, real-time exchange of verified information, a reality. The World’s first SuperIdentity solution and cross-industry standard. Bitgram boasts of the best features of superior AI and the Blockchain to give you your SuperId which is your unique digital DNA – a powerful and intelligent aid that can accurately identify you to businesses instantly to provide services starting from finances, insurances, healthcare and more.

11) About The Founder:

Veena Moktali is the CEO and Chief Innovator at Periwinkle Technologies. Along with a strong background in technology and engineering, she has significant experience with business strategy and product commercialization in startups.

About The Startup:

Periwinkle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (www.periwinkletech.com) is a medtech startup enabling faster and better diagnostics and care. The company has developed an affordable and effective device for cervical cancer diagnosis, with Tata Memorial Center as a clinical

12) About The Founder:

Vidya Vellala is Winner of Black.vc a silicon valley accelerator( only two startups from India got selected and we were one among them) and winner of the India’s Best Startup CTO award by Dell EMC. Passion for Innovation and latest technologies, with 15 years of Technology Experience.Expert in CRM, SupplyChain, Finance, Insurance, ERP.Extensive Knowledge in Web Apps, Mobile, Data Bases, Middleware, SOA, SOAP, REST, Testing, and Agile methodologies.Highly Motivated leader driving collaboration, alignment, and cohesiveness across teams.Global Work Experience: US, Australia, Germany, UK, India.

About The Startup:

Faasthelp (https://faasthelp.com) is a simple customer support and engagement platform. Faasthelp helps businesses to retain their customers, convert new customers and increase their customer satisfaction levels by providing the 24/7 help support from their business application with very minimal cost and very minimal manual effort. faasthelp does all these by empowering and enriching the end customer to log and track their issues by themselves and giving access to self-help from everywhere.

13) About The Founder:

Mansi Khanna was heading m-advertising at Bharti Airtel before starting The Friday Code.

About The Startup:

The Friday Code (http://thefridaycode.com/) builds products & platforms to help brands & agencies increase their ROI through efficient tracking and optimisation of their advertising spends. The Friday code’s proprietary tool, Clock, enables marketers to serve, track, and manage their campaigns through a single dashboard. Clockworks across all platforms, channels, formats and devices.

14) About The Founder:

Geetanjali Agarwal is an Electrical Engineer, from Manipal Institute Of technology, completed her engineering in 2015.She has been working in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for over 5 years now.Nurtured at Intuit, SAP Labs, British Sky (Cognizant), GXS, First American.Her startup is an innovative BOT platform, that solves major business problems using the AI technology.

About The Startup:

Bizlem (www.bizlem.com) is a revolutionary BOT technology platform, and among the first semantic web 3.0 platforms in the globe. We have innovated a knowledge slot filling technology, based on which, information can be extracted from millions of unstructured documents and fill into a required structured template (Ontology). Combined with Artificial Intelligence and our advanced Machine Learning algorithms, Subject Matter Expert BOTs are created that can talk to customers and give a human-like impression. Using this technology we have created solutions such as Master Data management, CRM BOT, Customer service Bot, and others

15) About The Founder:

Dr. Tanushree Devi Laishram is a young lady doctor hailing from the northeast part of the country (Manipur) with an entrepreneurial dream of making a change in Healthcare industry in preventive space. A clinical cardiologist by profession who is a technology enthusiast aspiring to bring the cutting edge technology to Healthcare. Healthcare is a decade behind in terms of technology based on multiple research studies and she’s driven to reduce that gap. Changing sick-care to Healthcare is her motto.

About The Startup:

CYGEN (www.cygengroup.com) is a cognitive patient-centric cloud-based predictive and preventive Healthcare platform. CyGen plays a crucial role by providing unprecedented access to personalized Healthcare services on their cloud platform. Leveraging predictive analytics (AI), Machine Learning and IoT, CyGen’s health cloud platform helps various channels to diagnose patients earlier and higher accuracy. Established both in India and Malaysia. Our focus is early detection, prevention and empowerment of each individual by deriving actionable insights from their health and personal data.

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